Development of a brand for grocery “365”

Development and creation of a new brand
Logo Design

ТМ “365” are grocery products: rice, various groats, sugar, macaroni.

The task was to create a trademark, which would successfully become a harmonious series of already existing brands on the market.

The idea for positioning was to inform the buyer that cereals are a product that we eat every day of the year, on weekdays and on holidays. From simple dishes to very complex and exotic. Those. 365 days a year. Therefore, the name of the brand was proposed – “365” – simply and concisely.

And reinforced by the slogan: “Everyday and holidays, healthy food every day.”

The product line consists of all the most popular and basic cereals. Variety was emphasized by different dishes on the packaging and different colors.

Were developed: positioning, naming, legend, logo, packaging, presenter, corporate identity.