Logo Design

The logo for companies is the main communicator between the brand and the consumer. The logo is a product created on the basis of marketing research and brand positioning. The logo is an instrument of influence on the target audience, designed to achieve personification of the brand, increase the level of brand awareness. A logo can affect the image of a product or service and increase sales.

Package and label design

Packaging or labeling is an essential element of brand communication with the consumer. This is especially true of grocery brands. Food brands contact the consumer mainly through the design of packaging or labels on products. The creation of a label requires the joint work of specialists in the field of marketing and design. The design should be such that at first glance the consumer has positive associations that are related to the product's advantage (tasty, useful, natural).

Development and creation of a new brand

Branding is the process of creating and positioning a unique image of a company, product or service. The ultimate goal is to create a brand that, with its unique external form and content, meets the expectations of the consumer as much as possible, is perceived by the target audience, attracts attention, causes a desire to buy. BRAND ATTRIBUTES: name, slogan, brand identity, Brand Book, style in communications, style in the points of presence of the brand (retail).

Logo & brand identity

Brand identity is the visual matrix of the brand. To create an effective corporate style, companies should connect specialists in marketing, branding and design. That's why the creator of the logo and brand identity should be based on business objectives and marketing goals. Development of corporate identity is the creation of a logo, trademark, corporate design, communications.

BRAND BOOK | Brand guide

Brand Book is a peculiar law of the brand, which is a combination of detailed information on the development of the trademark, its mission, legend, positioning, packaging requirements. It is the brand-book that helps to use competently the elements of the corporate style. Branded forms, notebooks, advertising posters, booklets, business cards, brochures should be executed in the same style.

Web design

To date, the Internet - one of the most effective advertising sites. It is on how effectively the on-line representation of the company works, its success in the market largely depends. That is why the development of web design is a process that must be approached with all responsibility.

Catalog & Brochure